Milk & Honey is a breakfast, lunch, craft coffee and gelato shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Local, high-quality, homemade and, most importantly, real- the Milk & Honey brand was a dream project in every sense of the word. It came to life first through the logo, then grew into business cards, envelopes, and a mini website. Then it grew into interior styling, signage, coffee sleeves and tins, giant wall menus and murals, gelato cups, juice labels, popsicle sticks, grocery store packaging, freezer wraps, gelato carts, t-shirts, hats and so much more.

From the menus to the wall art, there’s wit and warmth tucked into every nook and cranny. The combination of great words, custom illustration and interesting type treatments really elevates the brand and creates a friendly feeling of community. Despite the small space, Milk & Honey truly is a place everyone wants to be.